What’s New in Artec Studio 17

By Brian Metzger on

Exciting news from Artec this week, with the release of Artec Studio 17. I am excited to share with you my favorite new additions to the software with new features and capabilities. The theme for this year’s release was adding to and expanding on all the great features that Artec added in the previous versions. Let’s look at some of my favorites.

Best New Features in Artec Studio 17

CAD Primitives 

CAD primitives was added two years ago and now we can auto-surface our mesh to create a CAD-friendly body that can be exported to programs like SOLIDWORKS. For a more accurate fit, increase the number of patches.CAD friendly body

Boolean Function

Speaking of CAD primitives, we can now make better use of them with the new Boolean function in Artec Studio 17. I can use this feature brush to get rid of a hole that I have already mocked up with a cylinder, and I’ll subtract that cylinder from my scan to get a more cleaned-up, idealized version of the hole.boolean function 2

Datum Alignment

In previous versions, we were able to import a CAD model and compare it to the scanned part using the best fit alignment. Now Artec Studio is adding datum alignment so that for mechanical parts we can have a more meaningful alignment-based off on the mounting points of the part. We even get a distance mapped right in the datum align tool.

datum alignment

Fixing Holes 

The new Hole Filling tool allows us the choice to fill a hole with either a flat or a smooth fill. The flat fill is the simple shortest distance, whereas the smooth fill considers the curvature around the edge that we are filling.hole filling

Photo Texturing

Photo texturing blew us all away when it was introduced in Artec Studio 16. Now in Artec Studio 17, the new interface improvements make it much easier to analyze what’s going on, how the photos are lining up, and how they’re contributing to the whole.

photo texturing

And that’s only the highlights! If you’re interested in learning more about updating to Artec Studio 17 or just 3D scanning in general, please contact us.

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