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Going above and beyond to provide engineers and businesses with some of the best software tools in the industry, it’s no surprise that Dassault Systemes delivers yet again. Directly in line with the trend that we’ve all come to know and appreciate from years prior, 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS 2023 receives an abundance of incredible enhancements. Here are just a few of the exciting new additions.


User Experience

  • Comment Enhancements

The added ability to bold, italicize and underline text, is a nice addition to emphasize a comment. As well, it’s now possible to alter the comment background color. The most prominent addition is the option to show on open. Applicable to any comment in a part, assembly or drawing file, selecting this option will force the comment to display upon opening the file. This a great improvement to the communicative effectiveness as it helps to ensure that comments don’t go unnoticed by co-designers or future users of the same file.

three screen captures showing image and 3d render

  • Options for Rest to Defaults

With seemingly unlimited possibilities for customization within SOLIDWORKS, we now have extra options when it comes time to hit the reset button. Formerly, resetting to defaults only applied to toolbar customization. Moving forward with 2023, reset can also be applied to CommandManager customizations or all customizations.

screen capture showing two lists and instructions for resetting

  • Render System Improved

Originally introduced as a Beta release in SOLIDWORKS 2019 before moving to a mainstream system option in SOLIDWORKS 2021, the Enhanced Graphics Performance option is nothing new. Admittedly though, this option has gained a reputation as being somewhat unreliable and therefore, has gone unutilized for many. Well, the team at SOLIDWORKS heard our cries and as a result have directed a high degree of attention to ensure that the stability and performance behind this rendering system is improved in SOLIDWORKS 2023.

screen capture of program with highlighted selection area


  • Allow Library Feature Errors

The Design Library is an excellent way to increase workflow efficiency and in SOLIDWORKS 2023, that couldn’t be truer. With the new ability to add Library Features even if errors are present, we can now troubleshoot and correct the error directly within the part environment.

3d image with features highlighted in red with arrow

  • Move/Copy Bodies [Equation Support & more]

Controlling design intent just got better through the added support for variables and equations in the Move/Copy Bodies command. This applies to both linear translation as well as rotational using the new Euler’s angular rotation method. Taking it a step further, in models containing configurations, you can now specify which configuration each dimension applies to for Translate and for Rotate (Using Euler method of angular dimensions).

screen capture of pop ups with highlighted options


  • Automatically Optimize Resolved Mode

A heavy hitter aimed at vastly improving efficiency when working with large assemblies, the new performance option for assembly loading, Automatically Optimize Resolved Mode, allows SOLIDWORKS to automatically resolve components as needed with no user interaction, switching between lightweight and resolved modes.

menu with red highlighted option

  • Replace component

Replacing parts and sub-assemblies is now even easier with the additional instances to replace options and new integrated preview window.

3d image with highlighted menu

  • Auto Repair (Missing Mate References)

Another welcomed addition in SOLIDWORKS 2023 is the new Auto Repair tool for mate errors. Intended to repair missing references within a mate, as commonly encountered after replacing a component, this tool seems most effective if the new component(s) are geometrically similar, with an emphasis on orientation.

screen capture of SOLIDWORKS auto repair with 3d image

  • Step File Export Options

SOLIDWORKS 2023 introduces a new system option to support exporting assemblies as multiple STEP files. Enabling this option will result in the creation of STEP file for the top level, subassemblies and individual parts. The result of which lending to a more streamlined approach when collaborating through neutral file types. 

red circled text on white background - system options - STEP


  • Open Drawing from Drawing

Insert party face emoji here! One of my absolute favorite additions in SOLIDWORKS 2023 is the ability to finally open a drawing from within a drawing. Up until this point, navigating through a drawing package during the detailing portion of a project required the extra step of first opening an assembly or part, in order to reach it’s associated drawing. This meant that a small amount of forethought along with some finesse, was required to effectively move from one drawing to another. Well, not anymore!

three screens with 2d drawings

  • Visible BOM Overrides

Identifying BOM overrides used to be a difficult task. For this reason and others, I think it’s fair to say that best practice would be to avoid BOM overrides altogether. In SOLIDWORKS 2023, we welcome the new color scheme setting “Drawings, Modified Cells (BOM)”, providing the ability to define a color for reflected BOM override entries when a BOM is selected. This means that we can now quickly identify BOM overrides, even if we’re doing so just to ensure that there aren’t any! 

red highlighted areas of program on screen capture

 3DEXPERIENCE platform

  • Offline Mode

Being reliant on a good internet connection isn’t always possible, however that’s no longer reason for concern. With the new offline mode, we can take our CAD designs anywhere regardless of an internet connection. Changes captured through local save can easily be recorded to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform once back online.

white program screen with red area highlighted

  • Data Exchange with External Suppliers

Sharing a design project with stakeholders external to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform couldn’t be easier, thanks to the Export as Package command. This command provides the ability to quickly create a sharable SOLIDWORKS package file, with user specified permissions on the included data. Returned design changes are just as easily added back to the 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS 2023 platform, while maintaining the PLM data during save.

drop down menu with blue listing

  • Cloud Data Management

Securely store and manage SOLIDWORKS data on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform by defining a Bookmark to your content, when performing the Save. It’s now possible to open from a Bookmark as well.

white background with options listed