What is xDesign and How Does it Work?

By Sarah Taylor on

Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform includes a wide range of cloud-based apps in one interconnected environment. One of these apps is xDesign, which offers parametric, feature-based CAD modeling right in your web browser. The toolset is intuitive and user-friendly, especially for anyone who has experience with SOLIDWORKS. Getting started is quick and easy!

3DEXPERIENCE xDesignxDesign User Interface

How it Works

Because xDesign was made by the creators of SOLIDWORKS, anyone who has used SOLIDWORKS will instantly feel at home. This app utilizes 2D sketches to create 3D solids through extrusion, rotation, sweeping along a path, etc. Other familiar features include fillets, patterns, and the hole tool, which allows the user access to industry standard hole types and sizes. There are also tools for surface modeling, assembly modeling, and model analysis that allow the user to verify mechanical fit and function of components in a virtual environment. Models are history-based, which means each feature is “built” in chronological order as they appear in the Design Manager. This makes it easy to edit individual features and propagate changes through the rest of the model.

3DEXPERIENCE xDesign FilletxDesign Fillet Design 

Cloud-Based Modeling

In xDesign, models are created and stored fully online. This means that CAD can run instantly on any internet-connected device including PC, Mac or tablet. No desktop installation or serial number needed – just log into the platform and start creating!

Cloud-based CAD and data management is also a major advantage for design teams who need the flexibility to work in different locations. So whether you’re on your office desktop or your home laptop, you will have instant access to CAD and all of your files. And because the platform includes data management tools, you can be sure that you are always working with the most up to date version of your files.

3DEXPERIENCE xDesign File AccessxDesign Cloud Access

xDesign and the 3DCreator Role

xDesign is only available through the 3DCreator Role on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. This was created with design teams in mind, knowing that each member of the team may need access to different apps. Some users may only log on for managing project tasks and viewing files, while others may be designing components and running simulations. Because every user may have different needs, applications are bundled into Roles. Each user is assigned Roles, which grant access to certain apps. xDesign falls under the umbrella of the 3DCreator Role.

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3DEXPERIENCE xDesign Holes Section View
xDesign 3D Hole Creation Section View

Additional xApps

There are additional apps available through the 3DEXPERIENCE platform which provide more specialized tools beyond mechanical CAD. These additional apps together with xDesign are called “xApps”. All of these share a familiar working environment, and the user can switch between apps with just one click. Each one adds powerful functionality to meet even more complex modeling needs. Additional xApps on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform include:

  • xShape: Sub-division modeling
  • xMold: Mold tooling for making cores, cavities, and inserts
  • xFrame: Welded structural members
  • xSheetMetal: Sheet metal parts and flat patterns

To learn more, check out our on-demand Webinar ‘An Introduction to xDesign’ and 3DEXPERIENCE’ below. 

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform opens your company up to a myriad of new solutions and features to help make your life easier and assist you in designing faster. Watch our free webinar “Top 5 Ways to Speed Up the Design Process Using 3DEXPERIENCE” to see more.