What is the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox?

By Madison Bulla on

The SOLIDWORKS Toolbox is an integrated database that provides a variety of parts available for use. Internationally standard parts are included within the files. When first opening the toolbox, you are given the choice of a variety of standards that you can choose from. You can click and drag specific standards into your favorites folder to access parts quicker.


After selecting a standard, you are given a selection of different tools. From nuts to transmission, the toolbox provides hundreds of objects to choose from! 

selection of tools in toolbox

Under each folder of the tool you want, SOLIDWORKS displays different styles and dimensions of the tools you’re looking for. Rather than having to research a specific bolt or ring and design it manually in SOLIDWORKS, you can now just search in the toolbox for whatever you’re looking for.

different styles and dimensions of tools

After choosing your part, simply clicking the object and dragging it to your workspace adds the part to your assembly. In most cases, hovering the part over your assembly gives you the option to size the tool to fit as needed.

With the toolbox added to your SOLIDWORKS, creating projects and assemblies has become more efficient and far easier. Adding standard parts to your work can now be done with just a few simple steps!