What is the SketchXpert Tool in SOLIDWORKS?

By David Ramsey on

How many times have you been adding dimensions or relations to a sketch, and suddenly yellow and red litter your screen! You just over defined your sketch, and hitting undo isn’t always the solution you want. Enter the SketchXpert.

SketchXpert is a great tool to help you determine which dimensions/relations are over defining your sketch and keeping SOLIDWORKS from finding a valid solution. In this Video Tech Tip, we show you how SketchXpert diagnoses the sketch and is able to provide options, for which dimension/relations need to be removed. Along with these options SketchXpert displays a preview of the changes that will be made to your sketch. Doing this ensures you will know exactly what your resulting sketch geometry will look like and be able to ensure that the design intent is maintained.

The next time yellow and red litter your screen, let the SketchXpert do the head-scratching, you pick the solution.