What is 3DSwymer?

By Sarah Taylor on

In a recent update to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, the Collaborative Business Innovator Role was renamed to 3DSwymer. Keep reading to understand what this Role includes, and where its name came from.

The 3DSwymer Role in 3DEXPERIENCE

On the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, a Role is a license granted to a particular user that gives them access to Apps. The 3DSwymer Role is the base Role each user must have in order to log into their Platform. So, if you want to have ten people on your 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, you will need (at a minimum) 10 3DSwymer Roles. Because it is the first Role required for every user, 3DSwymer includes many basic Apps you need to get started.

3DSwymer role

Key Apps included in 3DSwymer

In the image above, you can see the list of Apps a user has access to with the 3DSwymer Roles. Some of the most used Apps are:

3DDrive – Secure cloud file storage. 3DDrive can be synced to your desktop and can store any kind of data, including CAD files and other document types.

3DPlay – A browser-based file previewer. Can open 3D files (as well as non-CAD file types) and perform basic markup capabilities like measurements, section views, and annotations.

3DSwym – Create and join communities to enhance collaboration across your team(s). Post updates, ideas, surveys, wikis, and more, all in the center of your interconnected 3DEXPERIENCE ecosystem.

apps included in 3DSwymer

Also included in the 3DSwymer Role are some tools in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform that aren’t necessarily a standalone App – like 3DDashboard which allows you to view and create custom Dashboards, and 3DSearch which provides the ability to search all of the data in your Platform.

What does the name “3DSwymer” mean?

First of all, it’s pronounced “3D-Swimmer”. Since 2014, 3DSwym has been the home of online communities hosted by Dassault Systemes. “Swym” stands for “Say What You Mean”. Because collaboration is at the core of all 3DEXPERIENCE Platform products, we can think of 3DSwym as a central component to 3DEXPERIENCE. So why is a user of 3DSwym called “3DSwymer”? Well, most Roles on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform have titles that are what we consider “agent nouns” in English – words that end in “-er”, “-or”, or “-ist” and represent the doer of a verb. A few examples of Roles that follow this format include “Collaborative Industry Innovator”, “Electrical Schematics Designer”, and “3D Sculptor”. When a user is assigned a Role, you can think of it as a title that generally aligns with certain duties that person may have.

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