Webinar Series: Design Validation

By Emmy Wolfe on

Three-Part Webinar Series: Design Validation

The end-use of a product should be at the forefront of your mind when you’re in the design process. However, consumer products are often able to be used for multiple purposes which makes prototyping an important step. But did you know that before you print out several mock-ups you can look at each stage of design validation utilizing simulation software? Lucky for you, we have a three-part webinar series where we demonstrate and explain this all for you. 

Part 1: Flow Simulation Webinar  

Part 1: Flow Simulation
Featuring: SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 

  • Set up boundary conditions and loads 
  • Solve for time-dependent thermal loads 
  • Interrogate specific loading situations
  • Review the results and generate reports 
  • And more! 

Part 2: Simulation Webinar  

Part 2: Simulation 
Featuring: SOLIDWORKS Simulation 

  • Set up boundary conditions
  • Understand the meshing process
  • Set design points and iterate
  • Understand result capabilities 
  • And more! 

Part 3: Plastics Webinar  

Part 3: Plastics
Featuring: SOLIDWORKS Plastics

  • Create boundary conditions and input
  • Understand polymer and machine database
  • Tell the differences between SOLIDWORKS Plastics levels
  • Generate reports 
  • And more!