Water-Soluble Support for PolyJet

By Eric Bryant on

Have you ever had issues with breaking your PolyJet parts when trying to remove support, or spending lots of time manually removing supports? The newest water-soluble support from Stratasys solves these challenges. 

We would like to introduce you to Stratasys WSS-150 water-soluble support. It is a simple hands-off removal solution that saves on time and reduces part breakage. Water-soluble support is a great solution for thin features or internal cavities and for assemblies with many moving parts, because it dissolves away without any physical abrasion.  A major benefit is the ability to overcome design challenges and limitations of complex part geometries. 

assembly using polyjet WSS-150 Support Material

PolyJet assembly with moving parts

Previous PolyJet support removal involves utilizing a water jet system. The high-pressure water can sometimes cause damage to delicate structures on your parts. Also, if you have a part with deep holes or intricate channels it can be difficult to remove the support material.

WSS-150 is available for both of the Stratasys J-Series machines the J35 and the J55. No mechanical upgrades are needed to begin utilizing it. Just ensure that you’re using the latest version of GrabCAD Print and that your printer software is up to date.

WSS-150 Support Material Water with part

PolyJet part with support

Simply drop your part in a container of tap water and the support material will dissolve away. Heat and agitation will accelerate the process. To speed it up more, you can even use a dishwasher. Just be sure to collect the wastewater and dispose of it properly in accordance with local regulations. For ease of disposal the WSS-150 water-soluble support material’s wastewater can be solidified by Stratasys’s L2S powder. 

WSS-150 Support Material part with no support remaining

PolyJet part with dissolved support

The combination of Stratasys WSS-150 water-soluble support material and L2S powder makes the post processing of PolyJet parts easy and efficient.

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