Verify Your Finite Element Model Data Using Model Plots

By Suman Sudhakaren on

Simulia apps on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform offer element quality check tools and the automatic model checker option to verify some of the preprocessing data of any finite element model. The Model Plot takes us to the next level of verification for pre-processing data. Not only can we view preprocessing data such as mesh, prescribed conditions, or output requests, but we can also check attributes of the model, like section assignments or thickness, offset, element types and even ply stacks or ply orientation for composite materials. It lets us focus on specific areas of the model with display groups and export field data if required.

Once Model Plot is activated for a model, the Visualization folder is automatically added in the history tree. After that, a contour or symbol or color plots can be used to analyze preprocessed data.

visualization folder

The image below shows a contour plot displaying the variation in thickness of a bottle. Any discrepancy in the model can be determined in the Model Plot therefore the model can be fixed prior to proceeding for simulation.

contour plot model

Results Query is a useful feature in Model Plot that lets you review information such as mass or volume of the model, nodal or element information based on Node or Element ID or even by Part Name.

results query

When importing shell thickness data, any error in the dataset can be quickly identified by plotting the corresponding contour plot for the section thickness.

thickness distribution

Display groups can be created while in Model Plot mode. Display groups are simply a combination of items such as parts, entities, groups, sets and methods to control the model visibility. For example, we can hide or show certain components for better visualization and save the display group to view that specific display state at a later time.

hide or show certain components

By default, Model Plots mode displays only one plot at a time. However, we can also enable the display of multiple plots at once indicating a different orientation or plot contours or symbols for several different output variables in the same analysis. The image below shows the layer thickness and undeformed model displayed in a spread style of plot layout.

layer thickness and undeformed model displayed in a spread style of plot layout

These productivity tools in Model Plot can help speed up simulation process by generating a well verified preprocessed finite element model.