Using the Feature Freeze Bar in SOLIDWORKS

By Stephen Petrock on

The feature freeze bar is a great tool in SOLIDWORKS that can be used to help improve model rebuilds. It helps optimize the performance of your models. The tool is especially useful if you’re having long rebuild times or even if you’re experiencing some stability issues whenever you’re working on a model.


The freeze bar is the yellow bar at the top of the feature tree. It works by dragging it down through the tree. Everything that is above it will be frozen or locked. This means it can’t be edited, but that also means it will be excluded from the rebuild. The padlock symbol and the change in the text indicate that the features are frozen. When a feature is frozen you won’t be able to do much with them. To make any edits they’ll need to be unfrozen.

Selecting Feature Freeze in SOLIDWORKS Feature Freeze in SOLIDWORKS

But because they can’t be edited that means they won’t be slowing down the SOLIDWORKS system upon a rebuild. If you check the performance evaluation of the model, you’ll notice the rebuild time is minimized by only rebuilding unfrozen features. It’s a way to really optimize the performance of your models.

Enable Feature Freeze in SOLIDWORKSOut of the box, the freeze bar is disabled. Your system probably doesn’t have it enabled. To enable it is easy. It’s just a system option that can be enabled by going to your SOLIDWORKS options and checking the box to “Enable Freeze Bar.” And you’ll now notice that it appears at the top of the tree. 

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