Using the Delete Hole Feature in SOLIDWORKS

By Chris Joren on

While Delete Hole might not be the most glamorous addition to the SOLIDWORKS 2019 enhancements portfolio, there are plenty of surfacing users who are very excited about this new feature. Deleting a hole from a solid body is fairly simple with the Delete Face and Fill Command but deleting a hole from a surface body doesn’t have the same workflow because there is no face to select. In this Video Tech Tip, we’ll walk you through the process of deleting a hole in a solid figure.

This is a feature that works only on surfaces and is intended mainly for imported surfaces where there is no feature to suppress or delete. To activate the feature, you can simply right-click on the edge of the hole and select “Delete Hole.” This adds a feature to the tree, which is very useful for configurations and design tables down the road. You can also access the tool by going to Insert > Surface > Delete Hole, or by the command search. 


Finding Hole in SOLIDWORKS 2019

While every yearly update may not hold the answers to every problem you face, small additions such as this make a world of difference to a few users. This is just one example of how seriously SOLIDWORKS takes your input. If you’ve ever worked with imported surface bodies, you’ll see right away how valuable the Delete Hole feature is.

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