Using SOLIDWORKS From Home

By Mike Souders on

In this modern digital age, working from home and ensuring that business continues (mostly) as usual is not difficult. For those of us that work with SOLIDWORKS, that means bringing our work laptops home, or installing the application on a home computer. In today’s article, I’ll explain the different ways you can use your SOLIDWORKS license from home.

Using the SOLIDNetwork License Manager

If you have a work laptop and can bring it home, that may be the easiest way to continue working with SOLIDWORKS. If you have a standalone license, there are no additional requirements for working with SOLIDWORKS at home. If you use a network license, you will have to open the SOLIDNetwork License Manager and choose to borrow a license.

SolidNetwork License Manager SOLIDWORKS from home

Navigate to the Borrow tab and select the products you’ll need to use at home. You’ll need to set the duration of the borrowing period and then click on Borrow.

License borrowing in SolidNetwork License Manager
When using a higher level of SOLIDWORKS (Professional or Premium), you’ll notice that it also borrows a standard license. This is intended functionality.

SOLIDWORKS Premium and Professional in SolidNetwork License Manager

If you’re planning on using a home computer and your company owns standard activation-based licenses, there are two options. One option is to deactivate the license on your work computer. This can be done within SOLIDWORKS by choosing Help > Deactivate License. When you start SOLIDWORKS on your home computer, you will then be prompted to activate the license. Before you can resume using the license on your work computer, you must deactivate the license on your home computer.

Another option is to switch from activation-based licensing to online licensing. To do this, the license must be deactivated from any computers and you must associate the license with your MySOLIDWORKS account. This can be done via the Admin Portal on MySOLIDWORKS.SOLIDWORKS from Home

The Admin Portal is also where you can change the license from activation-based licensing to online licensing. You’ll need to find the license in your list of products. Once you’ve located it, you can click the link for that product. On the next page, you’ll see a button that allows you to change it from machine-based activation to online licensing. When using online licensing, you’ll be prompted to log into SOLIDWORKS using your MySOLIDWORKS account once you start the application.

If you have any difficulties managing your license, our experienced support team is ready to help you out.

We hope these tips help you stay productive while working from home.

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