Using Single Command Per Pick in SOLIDWORKS

By Stephen Petrock on

When you are using sketch commands in SOLIDWORKS you’ll notice that they are persistent. This means that once a command is activated you need to deliberately exit the command by doing something like hitting or double-clicking the escape key. This is the default behavior in SOLIDWORKS. However, sometimes this is not the quickest way to work. So, there’s another way called single command per pick. With this option turned on, along with double-clicking to activate the command, you can have a lot more control over how you use the sketch commands in SOLIDWORKS. To see this functionality in action, check out this week’s Video Tech Tip where we walk you through how to take advantage of this option.


Single command per pick is a different way of using sketch commands in SOLIDWORKS. It clears the tools after each use. This means you use the command to draw one entity like a line or circle and you can move on. To activate this functionality, you can turn it on in the system options by checking the box for “single command per pick.”

It’s a great way to work because it saves you from disrupting your workflow to exit a command. With this system option turned on, you can have it both ways, sketch once and done and the default behavior. It all has to do with how you activate the sketch command. By single-clicking to activate the command, you will use it once and be done. But if you double click to activate the command, the functionality will be like the default sketch behavior where the command persists.

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