Using Lasso and Box Selection Tools in SOLIDWORKS

By Stephen Petrock on

In SOLIDWORKS, there are two different ways to make selections: box and lasso. These selection tools make up a fundamental concept of working in SOLIDWORKS. Unfortunately, not everyone got the news that the lasso selection tool was added a few years ago to the SOLIDWORKS toolset, so, in this week’s Video Tech Tip, we show you how to use this tool and some tips on how to make the most of the selection options.


Selection Tools in SOLIDWORKSThe option to select the lasso tool was added to SOLIDWORKS in 2014. This expanded the window or drag-selection options beyond just a box, allowing you to draw freeform paths to make your selections. The addition is great because you get a lot more control over what you pick. The lasso or box selection options are the two methods for window-selecting geometry. You can use either one. To switch between them, you need to right-click and change the selection method by going to the selection tools menu. 

The functionality of choosing a geometry is different depending on how you decide to click and drag to make the selection. Method one (box selection), will highlight everything the selection touches, while method two (lasso selection), will only choose what is entirely within the chosen boundary. The difference is in the direction you drag to make the selection. Going from left to right will highlight what’s entirely within the selection, while going from right to left will choose everything and anything the window touches. The same goes for the lasso tool, but instead of the left or right directions, it is clockwise and counterclockwise. Lassoing clockwise will select what’s in the lasso selection while lassoing counterclockwise will select anything the lasso touches.

SOLIDWORKS Lasso Selection

Choosing Lasso Range Box in SOLIDWORKSA good way to remember this is to remember the colors blue and green. Green means go so anything it touches will go in the selection – that holds true for box the box and lasso tools. Blue is a little more particular meaning the entire design needs to be within. Armed with this knowledge you can now take advantage of the selection tools and make it work for you. Enabling you to make complicated selections with ease.

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