Using Configurations in SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional

By Sean Belleau on

One of my favorite design features inside SOLIDWORKS is configurations. I love the ability to edit and revise properties without affecting the original model. What some people may not know is that you can utilize configurations with SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional as well. 

Let’s start configuring…

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Ring Original

Using configurations is very easy. All you need to do is click the little plus symbol next to the configuration bar to add a configuration to the project. You can see it above the red arrow in the image below.

Picture2- zoomed.png

Once you have a new configuration in place you can change the colors and appearances that you want on the new configuration and not affect your original nor affect any of the additional configurations that you created.

Base Configuration Color Settings

Once you have all of your different configurations set the way you want them you can render all of the configurations that you have made under output tools.

Picture4- zoomed.png

Once that is all set, you are left with as many beautiful images as you want to create. Here are the images of the set of rings that I made configurations of in Visualize.

Base Configuration

Base Configuration With No Color in Visualize

Gold and Diamond Configuration

Gold and Diamond Ring Configuration in Visualize

 Platinum and Sapphire Configuration

Platinum and Sapphire Configuration in Visualize

Hope you learned a new little trick inside of Visualize professional. Happy configuring!

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