Use the “Find Unconstrained Body” Option to Troubleshoot Simulations

By TriMech on

SOLIDWORKS Simulation is an incredibly powerful tool that enables you to run any “what if” scenario on your design way before you begin prototyping. These virtual simulation capabilities allow you to validate your design before it’s built—reducing the time it takes to constructing something. And it’s easy. In this video tech tip, we demonstrate how the “Find Unconstrained Body” feature to SOLIDWORKS Simulation is used.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation doesn’t require a PhD in engineering. In fact, it doesn’t even require a bachelor’s degree. Anyone with SOLIDWORKS experience can pick up SOLIDWORKS Simulation and perform finite element analysis of their models in no time. Obviously, simulations on single parts are very simple and straightforward, but it can get very complicate when you start to perform a simulation on complicated assemblies.

The mathematics stays the same but there are a lot more interactions between parts that add to the complexity. Sometimes these connections can be missed. For example, maybe one little weld or bolted connection was forgotten about. You used to press run and the simulation wouldn’t finish. All because one connection out of hundreds was missed, leading to an unconstrained body. 

This was enough to make any simulation user cringe because the troubleshooting process was complicated and not straight forward. But that all changed when SOLIDWORKS introduced the “Find Unconstrained Body” feature to SOLIDWORKS Simulation in 2016. Instead of needing to trouble shoot the simulation, SOLIDWORKS does it for you. It will graphically indicate which component is under constrained and suggest ways for you to constrain it so the simulation can complete with no issues.

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