Use the Color Picker in SOLIDWORKS Visualize

By David Arthur on

In today’s Video Tech Tip we’ll demonstrate working with SOLIDWORKS Visualize to manage your Appearances.



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Start by navigating to the Appearance tab and browsing through the color options. In this case, we are altering the body  color of a Camaro. Once a color is selected the Property Manager for that color will be displayed. By clicking on the Flake Color, another window will open which allows you to manually alter the color you chose based on Hue, Saturation, and Value. 

Sometimes you already have the exact color you want in mind. However, getting that color out of your head and onto the screen isn’t always as easy as it sounds. This is where the Color Picker comes into play. In the video we used the internet to pull up pictures of Camaros we might potentially want to imitate. Using the Thumb Dropper in the window we displayed earlier with the Flake Color, we can drag the dropper on to the Camaro we desire. Whatever color falls under that dropper will be pulled onto the display window where you can continue to adjust it until it is that exact color you saw in your head.

Use Visualize’s Color Picker to implement and alter any color you desire into your work. This tool will allow you to display different options taken from almost any source and truly customize the image you wish to produce.