Upgrading Objet30 Pro or Prime to Run GrabCAD Print

By Dennis Barnum on

Stratasys is committed to servicing and updating its existing platform. It’s one of the most prominent reasons they dominate the 3D printing industry. With the introduction of the new Objet30 V5 in late 2020 that included exciting new features, such as the ability to print in Vero DraftGrey and access to GrabCAD Print, Stratasys injected new life into the desktop PolyJet printing platform. These features have been included on the Objet 30 V5; however, Stratasys has made these features available to existing Objet 30 V3 customers with a SIMPLE and FREE update. Today we are going to take a quick look at the steps required to bring your Objet 30 V3 to the next level.

These new features provide users with reduced price per part as Vero DraftGrey is nearly half the cost of the rest of the Vero family. Additionally, GrabCAD Print offers an efficient and streamlined 3D printing workflow that boasts a smooth and easy-to-use user interface.

stop objet job manager on host pc

The first step in this process is to terminate the old job manager, Objet Studio. There is no need to uninstall Objet Studio, but there is a short cut named “Stop Job Manager” on the desktop of the host computer. Simply double click the icon.

Using the Window’s Search Bar, type ethernet settings and press ENTER. In the Ethernet Settings of your host computer, select Change Adapter Options > Ethernet > Internet Protocol Version 4 > Use the following IP Address > Manually Adjust the IP address to. Type in the address field. Change the subnet to, and the default gateway to This will allow the host PC and the printer to communicate with one another. In this scenario, the printer IP address is Your IP address may differ. If so, adjust the values accordingly.

GrabCAD set up Window

Now that the Host PC and printer can communicate, we can move the next step where we will install the GrabCAD PolyJet Job Manager on the Host Computer.  Go to  grabcad.com/print and sign in. Go to Download Apps in the top navigation menu and scroll down to GrabCAD PolyJet Job Manager. Download the app. Once the “PolyJetJobManagerInstaller.exe” is downloaded, double click the file to run. Once installed, use the drop-down menu to select printer type, which in this case is the Objet 30 V3 Pro. Type in the printer IP address from the previous step.

Connect the Host PC to the printer via an Ethernet cable. Use the Windows Search Bar on the Host PC to search for Remote Desktop Connection. You will now enter the IP address of the printer, not the Host PC. Once properly connected, you will be able to see the Objet 30 on the printer’s embedded software window.

Remote Desktop Connection          Objet30 on Software Window




Next, open GrabCAD Print and click Add Network Printer. Add the Objet V3 by entering the IP address of the Host Computer that was previously acquired. Once the printer is added to the network, simply select your printer. From here, conveniently insert a .obj, .3mf, STL, or native CAD file on the build tray and send the job to the printer. This is being done inside of GrabCAD Print on the Host Computer. The Remote Desktop Connection will now allow you to see the printers embedded computer and allow access to features such as cleaning wizards and material management.

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