Updating SQL Database for PDM Error “The program and the file vault are of incompatible versions”

By Alaa Hosn on

When upgrading to a newer major version of SOLIDWORKS PDM, users might encounter an error message that reads “The program and the file vault are of incompatible versions”. The reasons for this error could be that the PDM SQL database has not been updated or the wrong version of PDM client is installed. If you have a mismatch in PDM server and client versions, this will need to be resolved first. If the PDM server and client are on matching versions, then the steps to update the SQL database are outlined below.

Before beginning, make sure to have the SOLIDWORKS installation media available. The PDM database upgrade tool is located within the installation media file set in the SWPDMServer folder.


To resolve the incompatible version error message:

  1. Locate and run the PDM database upgrade tool as an administrator.
    • Locate the upgrade tool in the SOLIDWORKS installation media kit. Within the installation media, browse to SWPDMSERVER/Upgrade. Right click on exe and “Run as administrator”.

upgrade tool

  • A warning that the PDM database upgrade wizard is only for administrators should appear. Select Yes to advance.
    pdm database upgrade wizard box
  1. Confirm that the steps listed in Step 1 of the upgrade tool are completed.
    • Make sure the steps outlined are completed before starting the upgrade. Once this checklist is done, click Next.

steps in upgrade tool

  1. Select the SQL database to upgrade from the drop-down menu in Step 2.
  • Choose the SQL database from the drop-down menu and log in with the ‘sa’ username and password.

select DQL database to upgrade

  1. Choose the vault to upgrade in Step 3.
  • Enable the checkbox next to the vault that needs to be upgraded, click Next.

choose the vault

  1. Click Next to begin the upgrade in Step 4.
    • Step 4 will not begin the upgrade process until Next is selected.

begin upgrade

  1. Click Finish to complete the upgrade in Step 5.
    • Confirm that the upgrade was completed successfully using the log, click Finish.

click finish

  1. Restart the Microsoft SQL Server.

After completing these steps, the PDM SQL database should be upgraded, and the error message “the program and the file vault are of incompatible versions” should be resolved. If you’re still having problems after trying these steps do not hesitate to reach out to our support team.