Undocumented Features in SOLIDWORKS: Waking Up Midpoints

By John Lewis on

Welcome to our blog series, Undocumented Features in SOLIDWORKS, dedicated to the lesser-known new features. They might not be as popular as the cool kids, but we think they still deserve a seat at the lunch table.

 In our second installment, we’d like to show the difference in waking up midpoints in SOLIDWORKS 2017 versus 2016.

This undocumented feature addresses a previous problem of mistakenly selecting a midpoint when you are trying to select lines. Previously it was very easy to make this mistake, for instance, when attempting to check the dimensions between two linesIn SOLIDWORKS 2017, there is now a slight delay when selecting a midpoint so that it is not selected accidentally. To purposefully wake up a midpoint, all you need to do is hover over it for a moment. Voila!

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