Undo File Check Out in SOLIDWORKS PDM

By Stephen Petrock on

Undo functions are great in applications. We use it constantly throughout all sorts of applications. If you make a mistake, an “undo button” is the fastest way to get back to what you had before. This is the same concept behind the “Undo Check out” in SOLIDWORKS PDM. It will cancel the check out without saving any changes you’ve made.

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The “Undo Check Out” function in SOLIDWORKS PDM puts your file back in the vault without registering the changes you’ve made. In other words, it reverts back to the previous version, instead of supplementing the version like a regular check in would.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Undo Check Out under Actions

To make any changes to the file, you have to first take ownership of the document by checking it out. Now that the file is in your possession, you are able to edit and make changes to the document. As you work on the file, the file on your hard drive or the local version will show as modified. To register your changes, you must put the file back in the vault by doing a check in. However, doing this will create a new version of the file.
SOLIDWORKS PDM Check In will change Increment
If you make changes that you don’t want to register and add to the file history, you can simply undo the check out. The Undo Check Out can be found under the Actions drop down menu, or by simply right clicking on the file. This will put the file back in the vault without creating a new version of the file.
SOLIDWORKS PDM Undo Check Out will release file
As you do this you will be warned that the “Local file is modified,” which will discard the changes to the file on the hard drive and revert back to the previous version. Think of it as Control-Z for your file management. The Undo Check out in SOLIDWORKS PDM will get back to where you were with the file without incrementing the version.

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