Understanding the Delete Face Command in SOLIDWORKS

By Stephen Petrock on

The delete face command within SOLIDWORKS CAD becomes integral to the modeling process when you are dealing with imported geometry and surfaces. It’s great for removing geometry or enabling edits to existing geometry with no feature history. In this Video Tech Tip, we explore the delete face command and its powerful functionality.

>> Click here to learn how to use the the Delete Face in SOLIDWORKS CAD

Three Options for the Delete Face Command

  1. Delete: This option will remove the selected faces, leaving a void where the face or faces existed previously. If a face is deleted from a solid body, a surface body will be created. This is the quickest way to transform a solid body to a surface body.
  2. Delete & Patch: This option deletes a face from a body and automatically patches the void. The edges adjacent to the deleted face will be extended and then trimmed, leaving a distinct edge.
  3. Delete & Fill: This option deletes the selected faces and replaces them with a single unbroken face. The fill also has the option for tangent fill. With this option selected, the filled face will use tangent edges. With the option cleared the replacement face will use contact edges.

Since the Delete Face Command isn’t on any standard toolbars, the easiest way to access  it is to customize your interface and add it to the features ribbon. However, you can always access the command by searching for it with the Command Search.

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