Unboxing the Artec Leo

By Brian Metzger on

Anticipated since 2017, the Artec Leo is a revolutionary new 3D scanner. There are many improvements over Artec’s previous offerings, but the most obvious is the Leo’s ability to collect data cordlessly. Other 3D scanners need wires to connect to a power supply and a computer. The Leo can operate independently.

The Leo contains an onboard central processing unit (CPU) which runs a simplified version of the Artec Studio interface. Users can easily control the scanner and monitor while the scan is in-progress with a built-in touchscreen. A swappable, rechargeable battery pack, along with a 256GB hard drive allows for hours of continuous use.

This video shows the actual first scans we took with our new Leo moments after unboxing for the first time. The Leo’s interface proved so intuitive and easy to use that we were able to capture beautiful and accurate data right away.

The Leo boasts new features to make it stand out from the pack:

  • The optics have been completely built from scratch, and the user can feel the performance in the ease of taking new scan data.
  • The new Scan Quality plot informs the user of areas that could benefit from additional data. 
  • The Remove Base option automatically deletes the ground plane from the scan shown on screen, clarifying the capture process in real time.
  • The Geometry Search capability allows the Leo to recognize previously scanned areas and orient the next scan to match. This saves time later in the process and makes taking the initial scan much easier.

We are beyond excited to share this technology with our customers. Our mission is to deliver technology that results in stronger, more profitable businesses. If you think you may have any applications for the Leo contact us.

Ready to take a closer look at the Artec Leo? Click below to watch our on demand webinar.