Two Ways to Add Virtual Sharps in SOLIDWORKS

By Stephen Petrock on

Lines come together at a point. But it’s not always that straightforward in SOLIDWORKS. Sometimes the point is made by “virtually extending” lines to their intersection. This is known as a virtual sharp. In this week’s Video Tech Tip, Elite Application Engineer Chang Lee, shows you two ways to add virtual sharps in SOLIDWORKS


Adding virtual sharps in SOLIDWORKS can be a little frustrating since there is not a dedicated button or command. However, after today, you’ll be able to add them very easily. Virtual sharps in SOLIDWORKS are references that can be used for dimensioning. They reference the intersection between two entities, and they are typically used for fillets and chamfers. We’ll look at two different ways to add them for dimensioning.

One way to add a virtual sharp is by using the CTR and point method. You can add it by selecting two entities and adding a sketch point. You’ll need to hold down CTR in order to select more than one entity.

Find Intersectio in SOLIDWORKS ToolbarThe other way is by using the Find Intersection tool in the right menu button of an active smart dimension. So, first activate the Smart Dimension tool. Next right-click on one of the entities. In the menu that pops up, choose Find Intersection. Finally, click the other entity. This method is neat because you’ve already activated the smart dimension tool, so after you complete the above steps, you can click another entity to add a dimension.

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