TriMech’s Tracy Wettig awarded Reseller AE of the Year by the SOLIDWORKS User Group Network

By Karen Majerly on

The TriMech team is proud to acknowledge Tracy Wettig, Mid-Atlantic Technical Manager, who was selected as this year’s recipient of an award recognizing extraordinary contributions to the SOLIDWORKS user group network (SWUGN).

Dan Wagner, Dassault’s Manager of the SOLIDWORKS User Group Network, made the announcement at the virtual 3DExperience World, during the SWUGN summit on February 7, 2022. He noted that Tracy’s contributions to helping her peers in the community was particularly impactful when 3DExperience World moved to an entirely virtual format in 2021. It was a huge undertaking, with presenters tasked with figuring out how to deliver content and engage audiences online. In the presenters’ Slack community, Tracy noticed that the Dassault moderators were incredibly helpful, but becoming overwhelmed with questions.367981504-screenshot-2022-02-08-142317

“In true SOLIDWORKS forum style, I started helping anyone I could,” she said. “I shared the answers I received from my own moderator and from scouring every related thread I could find. I figured if I could help even one presenter, it would impact the hundreds or thousands of attendees tuning in to that session from around the world.”

Tracy’s posts had such an impact that she was mistaken for a Dassault employee! As Aberdeen Proving Grounds SWUG Leader Kameron Smith said, “Tracy made last year’s event move way smoother, and she wasn’t even on the payroll. She did it out of the kindness of her heart and because she saw that her help was needed.”

Tracy added that she was delighted to have helped so many community members, either directly or indirectly, and that she is “humbled to have been selected unanimously by the committee leaders out of the thousands of AEs across the world.”

Second recipient from the TriMech family

In 2021, the inaugural SWUGN Reseller AE of the Year was awarded to Alin Vargatu. Alin is the Senior Training and Process Consultant for Javelin – A TriMech Company.

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Ongoing contributions

Tracy was also asked how an AE can best help their local SOLIDWORKS user group.

“Just be present,” she said. “Don’t show up only when you are presenting; attend as many sessions as you can and show your genuine interest in others. This is a rare opportunity to get to know people after hours and to learn about what ignites that spark for them. You might be surprised how much there is to learn from others – it’s truly a win-win situation.”

Congratulations, Tracy!