TriMech’s SOLIDWORKS Drawings Course Overview

By Tom Ayers on

My name is Tom Ayers, and I am a training consultant here at Trimech. I recently attended our SOLIDWORKS drawings course and have obtained my certificate in Drawing Tools!

I want to talk about the Drawings course that we offer here at TriMech and why you may be interested in taking it. If you have taken training with us before, you might have enrolled in the Essentials class. The Essentials course has one dedicated lesson to drawings; however, this lesson doesn’t go anywhere near in-depth as the SOLIDWORKS Drawings course. However, I would highly recommend you still take the Essentials course first, unless you have or are more interested in, specifically drawings.

What to expect

The goal of the course is to help you learn how to create engineering drawings of parts and assemblies. This course is designed to be a lecture with open lab time for exercises. What would you learn in this three-day course? It starts off with a review, then covers drawing templates, sheet format, advanced options for drawing views, BOM tables and additional SW tables. It also includes many other lessons not mentioned, the drawings course offers a deeper understanding of drawings and how to create more advanced annotations/views.

Advanced options for BOM tables

One important topic that I learned a lot more on was the advanced options for BOM tables (lesson 9). This lesson had a lot of great information packed into it, for example, overview of different BOM types, display/modify the assembly structure in the BOM, and add/define columns in a BOM table. It helped me to understand how to define part numbers and other component options for BOMs. If you utilize SOLIDWORKS Drawings regularly, then I would recommend the SOLIDWORKS drawings course.

Learning a new topic: Layers

A new topic I learned in this course was layers. Layers may be used to group dimensions for easy editing between standards (if you utilize different units). To access layers in a drawing, you go to tools > customize > toolbars TAB and check Layer. This turns on the layer’s toolbar, which you can see on the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

There you have it, if you use SOLIDWORKS Drawings at your job, then you may be interested in reserving a seat for our next SOLIDWORKS Drawings course.