TriMech’s Elite Application Engineers for 2019

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TriMech is very proud to have more than forty Elite Application Engineers in our company. In addition to the SOLIDWORKS User Certifications, our Engineers go through additional tests to earn their Elite Application Engineer Certification.

What is an Elite Application Engineer?

Our Engineers take about twenty-five additional exams covering core products of mechanical design, simulation, flow and data management. For TriMech, this is what we expect out of our Application Engineers (AE) and is part of our company culture. We currently have more than forty Elite AEs, which is more than any other North America SOLIDWORKS re-seller by almost 2.5 times. Our AEs know how to apply the material they learn during their certifications and this helps us provide the best training experience in our training classes. 

We wanted to share with you the list of the Elite AEs we have on staff, including those who have just completed their certification. Please click on their names and check out the webinars and blogs they have worked on since they’ve been at TriMech.

TriMech’s Elite Application Engineers

2019 Elite Application Engineers:

Elite AEs

All of our Elite Application Engineers:

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