TriMech Thanksgiving Turkey STL File to 3D Print

By Jacob Ifft on

The holidays are approaching fast, and we here at TriMech wish you a great holiday season! Thanksgiving has been near and dear to my heart since I was a child working on my dad’s turkey farm. I got away from farming and into engineering, but I still wanted a way to give people a turkey this holiday season!

If you are interested in 3D printing like me, you can print your own business card sized turkey kit and remove the components from the frame (scissors or clippers of some kind help remove the connecting pieces). See the SOLIDWORKS model of the assembled turkey below:


3D printed turkey cards 

We sent the file over to our Advanced Manufacturing team to bring these turkey cards to life. We 3D printed them in ASA white, a popular all-purpose material available on the Stratasys Fortus 450mc, F900, and F123 Series of printers. ASA material was chosen because of its wide selection of colors and matte finish. Then we decided to create a full color version by adding colors in the GrabCAD software and printing them on our PolyJet J55 machine! 

3D printed turkey using ASA material


PolyJet - Multicolor J55

With a few simple steps, we can have our own miniature turkey for Thanksgiving. Happy Holidays! 

While this was a fun demonstration of 3D design through to 3D printing, our team can help you with your business design and manufacturing challenges. Contact us to speak to an expert.