TriMech Tech Talks 2021: Tips From SOLIDWORKS Past Spotlight

By Emmy Wolfe on

Past SOLIDWORKS updates are the building blocks for all future improvements and feature additions. However, with all of the changes that are applied every year, it can be hard to remember and keep track of everything that has happened. What if there was a new feature you could be using right now, but it flew under your radar? To help with this, during our TriMech Tech Talks 2021 we provided a little refresher with four on-demand webinars focused on the progress and upgrades of previous SOLIDWORKS enhancements.

TriMech Tech Talks 2021: Throwback Thursday Webinars


In the last handful of years, SOLIDWORKS has made some bounds when it comes to sketches. In this on-demand webinar, you will get a look into the enhancements that were brought to the Geodesic and Silhouette Entities, Trim Entities Command, Torsion Continuity, mirroring entities, extruding shaded sketch contours and more! Watch this Webinar.


Companies are often looking for ways to improve their workflow that would help them save time and money. In this on-demand webinar, you will take a tour of how assembly workflows have improved thanks to past releases. Simple additions are covered such as Smart Mates, Large Design Review and other unique tools that will help you speed up your process, save you money and make your life easier. Watch this Webinar.

Modeling & Surfacing

Sometimes after an update, it feels like SOLIDWORKS is a snow globe that just got shaken up, with tools moved around and new things replacing old ones. In this on-demand webinar, you will get an in-depth look at surface modeling practices from the past several years that can make your life easier. This includes what surface modeling is, explore the enhancements made to SOLIDWORKS and tons of tips and tricks to expedite your workflow. Watch this Webinar.


Not every part of the design process goes as smoothly as you would like, and many people’s least favorite operation is creating drawings. In this on-demand webinar, you will see some of the most influential enhancements to SOLIDWORKS drawings of recent years. Focusing on key items that were created to solve critical problems or bottlenecks with drawing creation, you’ll learn how to automate dimensional creation, set up alternative view and display settings, make tables more efficiently, easily work within notes and much more! Watch this Webinar.

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