TriMech Partners with Artec 3D Scanners: Unboxing the Space Spider

By Tricia Klebe on

Not only did TriMech receive a new Stratasys’ F170 3D printer earlier this month, but our Knoxville office just unboxed a handheld 3D scanner from our solutions partner, Artec 3D.

Watch the unboxing of the Artec Space Spider 3D scanner here:

>>> Watch TriMech unbox the Stratasys F170 3D printer

Artec Space Spider

Originally developed for the International Space Station, the Artec Space Spider is an award-winning scanner that is perfect for capturing intricate details. Whether scanning large industrial objects or smaller parts, this high-resolution 3D scanner (up to 0.1mm) keeps its precision in a wide range of conditions. With quicker scanning speed that a laser scanner, the Space Spider can improve your workflow and profitability. Among the top features are:

  • Real-time scanning; 3 minutes to reach maximum accuracy
  • Enhanced accuracy system
  • New, high grade electronics
  • Long term repeatability in data capture
  • 2 year warranty
  • Easy intergration
Artec Space Spider 3D Scanner
TriMech Application Engineer, Brian Metzger 

Artec 3D Scanner Capabilities

Artec 3D scanners have a wide range of capabilities, opening doors to better reverse engineering, quality control, product design and manufacturing. You can render complex geometries with the Space Spider, make textured and accurate 3D models with the Eva or get affordable geometry tracking and capture with the Eva Lite. Regardless of which 3D scanning solution you choose, you are gauranteed fast, light and accurate results. Not only are Artec’s handheld scanners designed for CAD users, but they also provide mobile scanning solutions that any industry can count on.

Interested in seeing Artec 3D scanners in action? Click the link below to request a demo.