Transfer & Activate A SOLIDWORKS Standalone License

By Keith Thompson on

how to copy solidworks from one computer to another

In this blog post, you will learn how to activate a standalone license and quickly move it from your old computer to your current computer.

Transferring A Standalone License

To transfer a license from an existing computer to a new computer, you must first transfer it to the license key server at SOLIDWORKS corporation, then reactivate it onto the new computer. 

1. Start the SOLIDWORKS application on the old computer.

2. Click Help > Transfer Licenses and follow the instructions. (Note: The SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP3 software has renamed this option to ‘Deactivate Licenses.’)

How to Deactivate License

3. To reactivate, go to the new or upgraded computer and activate the license using the steps below.

Activating A Standalone License 

Before you can run SOLIDWORKS products on an individual computer, you must activate
the license for that computer. Activation requires that you have internet or email access.
After activation, you do not need to be online to use the products. If you do not have email access on the computer where you use this product, you can save the activation file and send it from another computer.
To activate a license, follow these steps:
1. Initialize SOLIDWORKS Product Activation. If you have not yet activated the license for this computer, the SOLIDWORKS Product Activation window will appear automatically when you start SOLIDWORKS. If the SOLIDWORKS Product Activation window does not appear automatically, start activation by clicking Help > Activate Licenses.
Transfer and Reactivate SOLIDWORKS Liscense

2. Click the Product to specify the product for the license you want to activate.

3. Specify automatic activation over the internet or manual activation using email.
4. Supply email contact information.
5. Click Next to proceed.
How to Transfer SOLIDWORKS License to New Computer 
Using the internet, activation will occur automatically. When using email, press Save to create a request file, then email the file to [email protected]. When you receive the email containing the response file, extract the file from the email and then click Open to load it. If necessary, you can exit and rerun the activation procedure to open the response file.

7. Click Finish.

Looking for a new SOLIDWORKS license or have a question about upgrading your current license? Watch our On-Demand Webinar for a smooth transition!