Topology Optimization in SOLIDWORKS

By Brian Metzger on

Having an optimized design is one of the most important things to nearly every SOLIDWORKS designer. Typically, this means the most lightweight design that still gets the job done. In this Video Tech Tip, we walk through the process of how to use Topology Optimization to come up with the most optimal shape. 

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Topology Optimization is a new feature added to SOLIDWORKS Simulation in 2018. With this tool, you can automatically find the optimal design—the design that is as light as possible while still being strong enough to hold up to whatever its job might be. 

What makes Topology Optimization different than the traditional optimization functionality is the automatic aspect rather than manual, iterative process. The process is much more direct and straight forward, leaving you at the end with the guaranteed best shape. You can capture all the real-world conditions the part will see; things like material, loads, and fixtures. Then, Topology Optimization will automatically carve out all the un-mercenary material.

With this optimal geometry, you can either export it as a solid body to instantly use in your designs or re-engineer your part based on the optimal geometry. This workflow takes the guesswork and tedious iterations out of the design process. You can now get rid of the manual approach and let Topology Optimization take care of the geometry, and be sure you’re working with the best, most optimal design. 

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