Top Enhancements of SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2023

By Alaa Hosn on

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2023 makes it faster and easier to design and document wiring, cabling, and harness projects. This provides more ability to manage components and share information between Electrical 2D and 3D. Electrical also provides increased flexibility for documenting your schematics. Here are some of the top new features of SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2023.

Sharing Information Between 2D to 3D

Electrical now propagates all component properties to the associated 3D part or assembly. This saves valuable time by making sure users do not have to re-enter the same information over again. Any information modified in the 2D Electrical properties is easily updated in 3D. This includes the new weight field that has been added to the manufacturer part properties in 2D. Users can manage the weight of a manufacturer part and share this information to the mass properties of the 3D model associated with the component. This gives users more accurate ability to measure weight and balance.

part properties

sharing information electrical 2023

Automatic Orientation in PDF Export

In Electrical Schematic 2023, Electrical introduces the Automatic page orientation when exporting to PDF. On many occasions, the sheets within a report are a mixture of portrait and landscape orientation. Now it is easier than ever to get a project exported to PDF with mixed orientations.

manager tree improvements

Embedding Report Tables

Reports like wire lists and manufacturer bill of materials can easily be generated. Now in Electrical Schematic 2023, reports can be copied and pasted anywhere into electrical project drawings while staying associated. After changes of the electrical project data, you can quickly update the report content, making manual edits a thing of the past.

manager tree improvements

Additional File Formats for Images

Previously in Electrical Schematic, only Bitmap (*.bmp) and DIB (*.dib) images were supported to insert or attach to drawings. Electrical 2023 now supports inserting several new file formats to drawings. No more having to convert images to Bitmap or DIB files, these newly supported formats include:

  • JPEG File Interchange Format (*.jpg)
  • Portable Network Graphics (*.png)
  • Tagged Image File Format (*.tiff)
  • Graphics Interchange Format (*.gif)
manager tree improvements
Electrical Schematic 2023 supported file types

Electrical Manager Tree Improvements

Now in 3D, new quick filter buttons allow users to zip through the electrical manager tree. Users can expand and collapse to see all components in the electrical manager tree, or hide and show what is already associated, all with just one click. There are also new component icons that help users instantly differentiate if components are associated or not associated with an assembly or part, or if they are hidden or suppressed. This will help users manage the components within their 3D assemblies much faster.
manager tree improvements

Dynamic Connection Labels

Electrical Schematic gives users the ability to create on the fly dynamic connection labels for providing the connection information about a component. This results in a faster display of necessary information in schemes.

Associate Feature Improvements

Electrical 3D introduces a way to let you associate multiple components in one command. The new associate interface is redesigned for better usability, allowing users to select several components to associate them with several 3D parts or assemblies. This means much fewer clicks to define components in 3D and start routing.

associate components

The new features of SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2023 gives users expanded capabilities to manage components and share information between 2D and 3D, along with enhanced flexibility in documenting schematics. Get started with SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2023 and explore more.

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