Top 5 3D Printed Holiday Decorations (click here to get .stl files)!

By Tricia Klebe on

Tis’ the season for hot cocoa, wrapping gifts and 3D printing your own ornaments. We compiled a list of our top five favorite 3D printed holiday decorations, complete with instructions and downloadable .stl files. It’s never too early to get in the holiday spirit.

1. Lockable Present Ornament

You can find countless 3D printed ornament with complex, contoured designs. But have you found this lockable present ornament that doubles as a gift box too? As Thingiverse says, “Instead of putting your presents beneath the tree, why not put them on the tree?” This is among our favorite ornaments because it is a fully functional model with tight fitting parts. Depending on what material you use to print (PLA, ABS, etc), there are regular and anti-warp instructions to download. 3D printed holiday decorations Photo from Thingiverse by jijimath

2. Illuminated Star Decoration

This illuminated star decoration makes add the perfect amount of glow to the wall with its simple LED strip. The star’s wall thickness is strategically optimized for uniform light distribution. Plus, no supports or rafts are necessary. Use this design as inspiration to embed electronics into your 3D print. 3D printed holiday decorations Photo from Thingiverse by lomo85

3. Christmas Card

Tired of sending a traditional holiday card? Surprise friends and family with a 3D printed Christmas card. This Christmas Card Reindeer Kit is a TriMech favorite because the reindeer model is designed to print flat (to fit in a card and ship affordably) and then easily be assembled after the card is opened. While different 3D printers and materials can be used, the original reindeer kit was thinly printed with colored PLA. 3D printed holiday decorations Photo from Thingiverse by tone001

4. Christmas Cookie Cutters

It’s not Christmas without freshly baked cookies. This 3D printed Cookie Cutter Collection is complete with a Christmas tree, reindeer, gingerbread man and more. However, if you decide to make these, be sure to choose FDA approved or food-safe 3D printing materials such as the Ultem 1010. 3D printed holiday decorationsPhoto from GrabCAD by Dape

5. Christmas Tree Stand

Nothing screams holiday spirit like a 3D printed “X-Mas Tree Stand” with integrated LED uplighters. Using SOLIDWORKS rendering software, you can 3D print a Christmas tree stand with setting bolts, an area to fill with water and LED lights. 3D printed holiday decorationsPhoto from GrabCAD by Hans de Ridder

Are you excited to have one of these 3D printed Christmas decorations but don’t have the equipment to make it happen? Reach out to our rapid prototyping services for printed parts today.