Top 3 Trending Technologies in Engineering

By Angie Droz on

In an era of rapidly changing technologies, outsourcing engineering services has become more popular than ever due to the difficulty of keeping in-house talent consistently trained with the newest technology. Firms are finding it more and more necessary to maintain flexibility and outsource their niche engineering projects to ensure they’re keeping up with industry standards. In this blog, we discuss the top three trending technologies in engineering that are changing the manufacturing world.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The emergence of automation technologies in manufacturing and engineering has led to the increased usage of artificial intelligence. Machine learning paired with analytical software has helped the engineering services industry create new design and decision-making processes. Gone are the days of assembly lines of workers doing repetitive tasks or simple automated machines programmed to do only one task. Artificial intelligence is now being utilized to detect manufacturing issues in real time, saving billions of dollars and countless hours of labor.

Industrial Internet of Things

IIoT is the use of data connectivity, machine-to-machine communication and automation technologies to improve efficiency. Industrial IoT has allowed engineers to utilize digital platforms and capture and share real-time information across multiple devices and users. For instance, SOLIDWORKS CAD users can share updated design information instantly with their smartphones, tablets, coworkers and suppliers. Industrial IoT allows for greater collaboration on product development and streamlines creation, while also capturing inefficiencies and manufacturing issues quicker than ever before.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, has revolutionized manufacturing. Additive manufacturing is now commonplace for prototyping and product development with uses in the medical, aerospace, defense and automotive industries. Many of the largest manufacturing companies in the world have begun investing in these technologies, such as TriMech Services’s 3D technology partners, SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys.

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