Top 3 New Integrations for DraftSight 2019

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The main appeal of DraftSight is that it allows users to create, edit, view and mark up any kind of DWG file with a familiar user interface, so transitions to and from a user’s CAD application are quicker. That integration between the 2D and 3D environment is key to what makes DraftSight such a great tool. Since it is part of the Dassault Systèmes family, it can seamlessly integrate with other products like SOLIDWORKS, GEOVIA, DELMIA and many others. With the release of DraftSight 2019, they have added even more integrations to the list, and these are our favorites:

Image Tracer – Raster-to-Vector Integration

Raster images are incredibly common digital file types (such as .JPEG or .PNG) used in photography and online. These file types are made up of pixels and are resolution dependent, which means they do not scale well without loss of clarity. Vector images (such as .EPS or .SVG) are also digital files but are made up of 2D shapes and paths. Since the shapes and paths in a vector use reference points, and not individual pixels, they can be scaled mathematically without losing any resolution. In a CAD environment, a raster-to-vector conversion software is needed so that any designs created can be scaled to various sizes and displayed without the issue of resolution dependency.

In DraftSight 2019, the Image Tracer feature allows users to access millions of raster images, either from graphic designers or on the web, and save/export the converted drawings into any vector format that fits their needs (such as DWG/DXF/SVG) all from within DraftSight without any plugins. This includes non-hand-drawn architectural floor plans, logos and simple images with curves. The drawings are easier to edit and modify because individual entities can be moved, resized or altered and are not resolution dependent. They are also easier to store and share due to their significantly smaller file size.

HomeByMe Integration

HomeByMe is a 3D web-based design application for home and space planning. You can now browse, import and even login to your HomeByMe account directly from DraftSight. This allows you to open any of your projects and generate 2D floor plan drawings with full dimensions and annotations that you can share with architects or planners. This gives you the best of both worlds with the easy design/decorate user interface within HomeByMe and the CAD functionality within DraftSight to convert your idea into a useable engineering document. 

3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace Make Integration

Simply put, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform was created by Dassault Systèmes (the parent company of SOLIDWORKS and DraftSight) to tie together all the different aspects of the engineering process, and engineering business, into one connected space where it is much easier for teams to collaborate on projects. Included in that platform is access to Marketplace Make, which gives you direct access to tens of thousands of qualified manufacturing vendors that can build your designs.

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Once a design is finished in DraftSight, you can now upload the final design directly to Marketplace Make. The platform allows you to connect and get quotes from a variety of different suppliers that can be sorted by the process, timeline and estimated cost. The network is worldwide and includes access to multiple manufacturing processes including additive 3D printing, CNC, injection molding, laser cutting, sheet metal and more. You can also leverage the new DraftSight Premium features like Extrude, Revolve and Push/Pull modeling tools to create 3D parts and upload them as STL files.

The SOLIDWORKS team did a really good job of walking through some practical applications of this feature during the launch of SOLIDWORKS 2019. You can see the Marketplace Make segment in the video below.

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