Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2021: R&D Performance

By Stephen Petrock on

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The best enhancement to SOLIDWORKS in the 2021 version is not a shiny new tool or flashy function you might use a half-dozen times. It is an overhauled foundation of the entire software for improved quality and performance. SOLIDWORKS 2021 is the result of years of R&D investments making this the best version of SOLIDWORKS we’ve ever seen. The 2021 version includes many great additions to the tools and features, but quality and performance make up 60% of the efforts for developing this update and it shows.

SolidWorks 2021 enhancements chart

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Faster Performance by Default

It is clear that SOLIDWORKS 2021 was developed and built with quality and performance in mind. The biggest and most significant improvements will benefit all designers and all you have to do is simply upgrade. In other words, the best part of SOLIDWORKS 2021 is not some nuanced tool that only a medical device company will use. It’s not a new function that will only help Jimmy the widget manufacturer. Rather it’s a collection of improved capabilities that will help every designer, every second they use SOLIDWORKS 2021.

Enhanced Graphics Performance improvements

What makes this all possible is a new default setting for performance in SOLIDWORKS. The system option for Enhanced Graphics Performance is now enabled by default. It began in SOLIDWORKS 2019 as a beta option, requiring users to actively turn it on to unleash its performance and has finally transitioned to a core SOLIDWORKS advantage.

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Watch the video below for full details on why we think this feature is one of the most anticipated and useful enhancements to the latest release of SOLIDWORKS.

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