Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2021: Lightweight Assemblies

By Stephen Petrock on

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One of the best enhancements to SOLIDWORKS 2021 is the improvements to lightweight components. Working with lightweight is the best way to dramatically increase the performance of your SOLIDWORKS assemblies. If you want to make performance a standard part of your workflow, see how the changes to lightweight components can make this an effortless reality.

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Transition from Lightweight to Resolved Easily

Lightweight components have always been a great way to increase the performance of your models. This fact isn’t disputed. What got in the way of using lightweight components was the barrier of clicks. It took some active clicking and effort on the part of the user to switch from lightweight to resolved. Now with SOLIDWORKS 2021, this is no longer the case as the transition from lightweight to resolved is seamless. 

SOLIDWORKS Lightweight to Resolved

It’s so seamless that you never notice the difference anymore. Now in SOLDIWORKS 2021, lightweight components are automatically resolved as you need them – just click on them in the tree. By expanding the component in the tree you are automatically resolving it. 

SOLIDWORKS Automatically Resolved

This on demand resolving of lightweight components offers the biggest performance gains in SOLIDWORKS. Now your performance is a regular part of your design workflow. It isn’t crazy anymore to always open your assemblies in lightweight mode. Check out the video below to see why.

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