Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2021: Curved Edge Flange

By Stephen Petrock on

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As we look at all the great improvement to SOLIDWORKS 2021, it is hard to pick just one we like the most. When we asked the question: “What’s your favorite enhancement this year?” we get different answers from different industries. But one thing is clear, if you’re using the Sheet Metal Tools, then I’m pretty sure your favorite enhancement is the new curved edge flange tool.

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SOLIDWORKS Curved Edge Flange Tool

The new edge flange tool is definitely the most significant improvement to the Sheet Metal Tools in SOLIDWORKS 2021. This extends the capabilities of the edge flange tool to now include curved and non-planar surfaces. The edge flange already was a great tool that made it easy to add flanges to your sheet metal components and you could always add edge flanges to curves edges but it was limited to edges that originated on planar faces.

SOLIDWORKS Curved and Non-Planar Surfaces

Now with SOLIDWORKS 2021, you can add curved edge flanges to edge flanges created off a planar base and on nonlinear or circular edges of nonplanar faces. That’s verbatim from the help file. What it really means is that now you can added flanges to anything you can come up with for your sheet metal design. Of course, it will also flatten as you’d expect using the Sheet Metal Tools.

Check out the video below to see how you can take your sheet metal designs to the next level with the extension to the edge flange tool that now includes curved edges in SOLIDWORKS 2021.

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