Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2021: Color Picker

By Stephen Petrock on

Top 11 Features Color Picker

With every major release of SOLIDWORKS there’s enhancements both big and small. More often than not, it seems that the best enhancements aren’t epic new tools but rather welcomed improvements to core functionality. This is especially true with SOLIDWORKS 2021. Some of the most outstanding advancements come in the form of what we call modeling delighters – little software upgrades that amount to epic workflow gains.

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One of our favorite delighters of SOLIDWORKS 2021 is the color picker for appearances. This tool enables you to hover over any pixel in your screen and use that to define the color for an appearance. Think of this an extension of the traditional appearance tools such as selecting from the color pallets or defining RGB values.

SOLIDWORKS 2021 Color Picker

Quickly Get Exactly the Right Color

This enhanced color picker tool gives the user a fantastic opportunity to impress clients by applying colors to the model that perfectly match their company branding. As seen in the above example, we have used the TriMech blue from our company website as our color choice.

To use the color picker, just click and hold on the dropper. You then move your mouse on top of the desired color on your screen and release the mouse. This will define the exact pixel for the color of your model. To see this new feature in action, check out the video below to see how you can exactly define a color for your model’s appearance based on anything on your computer’s screen.  

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