Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2019: Interference Detection for Multi-Body Parts Modeling

By Stephen Petrock on

Interference Detection SOLIDWORKS 2019

SOLIDWORKS 2019 offers some incredible features. Today we’ll go over one of the most important tools for avoiding potential manufacturing defects and mishaps: the interference detection tool. Until now, this tool was only available for Assemblies. This is great for most modeling workflows because it helped show potential collisions or interference in complicated assemblies, but it was also an important tool for multi-body parts and thanks to the 2019 upgrade we can now handle this.

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Multi-Body Part Modeling

Multi-body part modeling is a very important modeling workflow used to make different designs. It’s a standard method for creating designs such as weldments. It’s also very popular for consumer products and industrial designers.

In the past, when you needed to look for interference in a multi-body part the part had to be first placed in an assembly to take advantage of this powerful tool. That’s all changed now in SOLIDWORKS 2019 because the interference detection tool is available for parts!

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This can bring great insight into a multi-body part and is especially useful for weldments to verify that all members have been properly trimmed. A very important step in the modeling process just got easier now in SOLIDWORKS 2019.

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Top 11 Best Features in SOLIDWORKS 2019