Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2019: Better BOMs

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Better BOMs in SOLIDWORKS 2019

SOLIDWORKS 2019 is full of countless enhancements for parts, assemblies and drawings. One of the biggest enhancements to drawings in this release was an improvement to Bills of Materials (BOMs). BOMs have grown to ubiquity over the years as they are used by almost every designer for nearly every single assembly. 

What’s Better About BOMs

What’s better about them is the added level of insight you get from the new component preview. The component preview is a thumbnail image of the SOLIDWORKS model. The component preview is an extra level of clarity that can be turned on in SOLIDWORKS. It’s an extra column that can be displayed on demand by clicking the expansion arrows located in the middle of the left side of the table.


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The component preview can also be included when saving the table as an excel file. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. These component thumbnails in your Bills of Materials (BOMs) ensure your designs will be understood better by the countless people in your organization who need to read and interpret the BOMs. Of all the enhancements to SOLIDWORKS 2019, this one seems to get the most hype because of its utility. One of the most used tools got some added features.

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