Top 11 Features in SOLIDWORKS 2018: Tab and Slot Feature for Sheet Metal and Weldments

By Michael Souders on

Top 11 Features_Tab and Slot Features

Creating fixtures for sheet metal and weldment assemblies can be a costly and time-consuming process. Care must be taken to ensure the parts align correctly and that the final product is built as designed. Fortunately, SOLIDWORKS 2018 provides users with new functionality that will make this process easier than ever. Read why the Tabs and Slot feature is among our favorites in the recent SOLIDWORKS upgrade.

But first, watch the Tab and Slot Feature section from our SOLIDWORKS 2018 Launch Video:

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What is the Tab and Slot Feature?

The new tab and slot feature for SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal and Weldments creates tabs on one body and slots on another, allowing two or more parts to interlock together. A variety of options allows the user to specify the shape, size and spacing of the tabs. These features can also be used on any type of body, not just sheet metal and weldment parts.

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Tab and Slot Feature for Sheet Metal and Weldments

How does this impact your workflow?

By automating the process of creating these features, the tabs and slot features is able to reduce time and allow for self-fixturing and easier alignment on both sheet metal and weldment parts. This a gamechanger for clients because it will save them big on their setup and assembly costs.

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