Three Routing Tips in Less Than Three Minutes

By Michael Souders on

The Routing add-in is included with SOLIDWORKS Premium and allows users to not only create piping and tubing routes, but electrical routes as well.  The process is largely automated and producing piping drawings with detailed BOMs (including pipe lengths), is a simple process. In today’s video, I hope to show you three simple routing tips that show some of the power and functionality that is built into SOLIDWORKS routing:

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3 Tips in Under 3 Minutes

1. Auto Route Along Geometry: When creating piping systems, we must often fit our routes within certain areas, or around components in our assembly. We can use the geometry of the enclosed area to create a route, thanks to our Auto Route tool. 

2. Remove Pipe: As we create routes, there may be times where we want to shorten a route, or connect a flange directly to an elbow or valve.  Thankfully, SOLIDWORKS Routing provides us with a tool to make this simple. By right clicking on a section of the route, and selecting “Remove Pipe,” we can easily make the required modifications to our route.

3. Add Slope: When we have pipes that will carry liquid, we will often want to apply a downward slope to them. This will allow gravity to assist the liquid as it travels through the pipe. SOLIDWORKS Routing makes this process very simple as well.

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