Three Easy Steps to Get Started with DriveWorksXpress

By Michael Koenig on

Every SOLIDWORKS user has access to a series of “Xpress” products which are introductory versions of fully featured add-ins to the software. This blog will focus on DriveWorksXpress specifically, but the same procedure can be applied to SimulationXpress, FloXpress, DFMXpress and SustainabilityXpress.

About DriveWorksXpress

DriveWorksXpress is used to create multiple variations of SOLIDWORKS models. Once the overall model is designed, a custom form is created that tells DriveWorksXpress what to change (i.e. dimensions, features, custom properties or file names). The form can then be filled out to automate the generation of SOLIDWORKS part, assembly and drawing files. Unique models and file names are created for each specification leaving the original models unchanged. Only the relevant model info is transferred to the new files, reducing potential mix-ups with similar parts.

Step 1: Activating DriveWorksXpress

DriveWorksXpress can be accessed from the Evaluate tab of the Command Manager. The first time it is used, it will prompt for a product code for activation. To activate, follow the steps below:

  1. Click in the Enable DriveWorksXpress dialog box to get the code.
  2. Copy the code given on the MySOLIDWORKS website.
  3. Paste the code into the Product Code text box and click OK.

floxpress product code

Clicking the link from within SOLIDWORKS will automatically populate your serial number and give you the activation code. For those who work in highly secure environments, an alternate method is to navigate to from any computer that is online and manually enter your serial number to obtain the code. Your serial number can be found from the SOLIDWORKS Help menu > Select “About SOLIDWORKS” > Click on “Show Serial Number.”

Step 2: User Interface

Once activated, a new tab will appear in the task pane where a DriveWorksXpress database can be created and models added to be captured.


Step 3: DriveWorksXpress Certification

If you are a SOLIDWORKS subscription holder, then DriveWorksXpress is already built in to that license. A DriveWorks online certification exam is available to both professionals and students. Start learning the product today and get certified to improve your skills. Follow the steps above for first time activation.

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