The New Custom Thread Wizard in SOLIDWORKS 2016

By John Hall on

Gone are the days of using a helix and sweep to create threads. There’s a new custom Thread Wizard in SOLIDWORKS 2016. 

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The SOLIDWORKS 2016 Thread Wizard is designed to streamline what used to be a time-consuming process with any 3D design software. This powerful feature is a great way to add custom threading with true mathematical threads and accurately model standard and custom-defined threads with one quick and easy-to-use command.

To ensure greater accuracy for digital simulation or to produce a 3D printed prototype, it’s often necessary to model the physical threads on shafts and holes among other elements. Watch this video to discover the benefits of this intuitive tool as TriMech Application Engineer, John Hall, demonstrates valuable tips and tricks you can implement into your project to achieve true mathematical threading.

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