The Importance of Accurate and Concise Job Descriptions

By Gibson Vaught on

Ten years after the recession no one would have thought that the American economy could yield this much growth. In our current economy, hiring for such a rise has become an obvious challenge for many companies. The staffing industry stands as the obvious answer for businesses who share this struggle. For recruiters and managers alike there are some transparent tips and tricks that can help lure the right talent and reduce mistakes in the hiring process. The importance of an accurate job description is one such device that the industry leans on to keep unqualified candidates from applying and to start a star player on the right track.Job Search

Order Matters

The qualified talent is out there but attracting them to your company can be difficult. It all starts with an advertisement on a job board. Whether your company uses its internal resources, a corporate recruiter or a corporate staffing team, the first step is to compose a job description to advertise. The picture you paint with this information is essentially the candidate’s first impression and ends up being what is most important. Individuals searching for new employment are often completing this task after their eight-plus hour workday or during their free time on the weekends.

Views of your job description can be fleeting, therefore, the first paragraph should not include a description of the company, but instead, of the skills necessary. For instance, many jobs advertising openings for a government security clearance list this necessity at the bottom, the last thing on the requisition. People associate importance with chronology, so the stipulation for being a qualified candidate should be at the top, in bold. This will one, discourage individuals without a clearance since it is visible in a job “preview” section on any job board, and two, will encourage candidates with clearances to apply because they want to work in cleared facilities, thus attracting the right person.

Keep It Short & Sweet

In our experience, we’ve found that job descriptions are often over-thought, verbose and unclear. The purpose of the job description is to attract the right talent and not to overly-explain the position. Many candidates will simply skip or gloss over long job descriptions because they do not have time to read the details since they are typically applying after a long day of work. Your goal should be to keep qualifications to a maximum of five bullet points and an overview or summary of day-to-day duties the same. Even if some duties do not make the list, they can be explained later in the process and made clear upfront in the interview. Short descriptions give the candidate time to reflect and make sure this is the right fit, not simply apply just to apply because they did not read the description. Lastly, the description of your company should be housed after the qualifications and summary. This, again, should be explored in the interview.

Hopefully these tips and tricks will allow for a smaller, but more targeted, candidate pool. The job description, like a good resume, should yield more questions than answers.

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