The Benefits of 3D Printer Maintenance Contracts

By Ron Militante on

“Worry free” and “peace of mind” are just two of the phrases associated with having a maintenance contract for your Stratasys 3D printer. Many new clients will ask “What are pros to having a contract?” In this blog, we will dive into the benefits of having a maintenance contract and the drawbacks of not having one.  

The Benefits of Having a 3D Printer Maintenance Contract

The TriMech 3D Printer Technicians hold many certifications and are experts in providing support for the Stratasys Idea, Design and Production Series 3D Printers. The benefits of having a contract include: 

  1. Stratasys Fortus380/450 3D PrinterHigh Priority Technical Support and Service
  2. Preventive Maintenance Visits
  3. Software and Hardware Upgrades
  4. On-Site Service Visits
  5. Replacement Parts Provided

In the event that your 3D printer needs technical support, TriMech provides live and remote assistance. If you send us pictures, information and files, we can help remotely diagnose the issue and plan the course of action.The clients with a 3D printer maintenance contract in place will receive expedited care. If replacement parts and an on-site visit are needed, the parts can be ordered and service appointments scheduled almost immediately.

The Cost of Not Having a 3D Printer Maintenance Contract

Unfortunately, the clients without a maintenance contract will need to purchase the replacement parts and pay for a segment of on-site service time. A quote will be provided and likely need to be approved by the client’s purchasing agent. Though this could only take minutes, it could be days before the purchase order is delivered and payment received. At this time, the replacement parts and/or on-site service can be ordered and scheduled. Not having a maintenance contract in place can cause frustration and added time when requesting:

  1. Stratasys uPrint SEplus 3D PrinterSecondary Priority Technical Support
  2. Preventive Maintenance Visits
  3. Software and Hardware Upgrades
  4. On-Site Service Visits
  5. Replacement Parts
  6. 3D Printing Services

In some cases, the cost of certain replacement parts can easily exceed the cost of your maintenance contract. The 3D printer maintenance contract will give you comfort in knowing your printer is covered and only a phone call or email away from immediate attention. 

For more information on Stratasys 3D Printer Maintenance Contracts, contact our 3D printer team by email [email protected] or phone 888.874.6324.

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