Temporarily Disable Automatic Log In in SOLIDWORKS PDM

By Tom Young on

Disabel Automatic Login SOLIDWORKS PDM
Sometimes, you may need to log in as the SOLIDWORKS PDM vault administrator to undo a document checkout made by a former employee, destroy files from the recycle bin or a myriad of other tasks. 
Our clients often ask us how they can disable their automatic log in temporarily so they can log in as the vault administrator. You can manually select “refuse log in” in your user properties, however this method can become time consuming if you log in as the admin regularly. The better method is to disable the automatic log in.
1) Start the SOLIDWORKS PDM administration tool.
2) Double click Settings.
SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration  SOLIDWORKS Settings PDM Administration
3) Select the vault and deselect “Use server default.”
Server Default in Disabling Automatic Login
4) Click OK.
5) Log off the vault using the blueberry (SW5.png) located in the lower right corner of the system tray.
6) Log back into the vault using either the blueberry or open the local view in Internet Explorer. You will be prompted to log in again.

To re-enable the automatic log in, repeat these steps and ensure “Use server default” is selected.

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