Tech Alert: SOLIDWORKS PDM Serial Number Format Issues

By Heather Sutton on

SOLIDWORKS PDM Serial NumbersSOLIDWORKS has identified a relatively small subset of active SOLIDWORKS PDM installations that do not conform to the standard network serial number format. This can cause problems for clients when using the Installation Manager.

In order to resolve this, SOLIDWORKS will begin to normalize the serialization on SOLIDWORKS PDM installations to the standard network serial number format by manually converting each installation to a new network-formatted serial number and seat ID.

For example, a serial number might change from this “0000A1234567891011121314” to this “9010012345678995NMB5XXXX.”

Since this is a manual process, the new serial numbers are not available in advance but will be generated individually with each replacement. Customers will have until 12/31/2016 to switch to the new serial numbers before their old, incorrectly formatted serials will be inactivated.

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